1. Fields belong to HSD (Hillsboro School District) or HPRD (Hillsboro Parks and Rec Dept)
  2. SPACE - half a field unless directed otherwise
  3. TIME SLOT - is listed, please be off the field in a timely manner
  4. NEED A FIELD? - see Google Calendar with OPEN TIME and email request to admin@hillsborosoccer.org
  5. WANT TO CHANGE A FIELD? - select OPEN FIELDS calendar and contact admin
  6. COACH CONTACT - see team details
  7. MAP of fields - coming soon
  8. LOCK BOX CODES - email admin@hillsborosoccer.org
  9. PORTABLE 18' GOALS - need to to be weighted in the back to prevent tipping. Look for sandbags.
Contact Info

Oscar Monteblanco oscar0657@comcast.net
Stan Baker stan67soccer@gmail.com
Michele Barber hscpres@gmail.com cell # 559-772-5919 (text ok) after hours field questions