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    SPRING 2017

    Updated 03/05/2018

    Recreational Coach Information

    WELCOME RECREATIONAL COACHES - Oscar Monteblanco, HSC Director of Coaches

    New Player Development Initiatives - Although player's Age Groups will be defined by the calendar year, the recreational leagues will continue to be formed by grade.

    LAWS OF THE GAME - click here



    Step 1 - Club Registration Step 2 - Background Check
    Register with HSC
    Register with Sports Affinity

    COACH CLINICS DETAILS - click here

    See COACH RESOURCES for ciriculum updates

    Picture Days - April 25 & 26th at WL HENRY. Each team will have a scheduled time and date. Coaches will need to choose the date/time and inform the team.

    1) Go to www.4nsp.com and click on ONLINE COACH BOOKINGS

    2) Enter the code HSC and then click on your preferred date LINK

    3) Click SELECT - fill in coach's info and click ADD

    4) For assistance or to cancel/change your time slot please contact NSP directly at (503) 644-4842 ext 242


    Monday, March 12th Hillsboro Main Library - 6 to 8pm.

    5:45pm Doors Open & Dinner provided for all Coaches courtesy of Chipotle
    6:00pm Positive Coaching Alliance Workshop (counts towards Coach Clinic credit*)
    7:30pm Equiment Distribution and Spring League Q & A session
    8:00pm Doors close
    *Recreational Incentive program - Hillsboro Soccer Club believes in Coach Education. Our policy is if you attend one clinic, coach a team and return your gear within 30 days, your player's registration fee will be reimbursed at the end of the season. (One reimbursement per team allowed)
    SPRING PRACTICE FIELDS - Coming March 7th

    GAME SCHEDULES & RULES - different for each Age Group, see below.

    Formats updated to match small-sided games
    Kinder/1st grade 3x3
    2nd grade 4x4
    3rd and 4th grade 7x7
    5th and 6th grade 9x9
    7th/8th grade 11x11
    Schedule (Usually available Late March)
    Spring games are generally on Saturdays, however depeding on Field availability, games may be on Week Nights. Please Note - if there are an odd # of teams in an Age Group, a team may have a double header one weekend. Coaches will be sent an Email if a game changes, however, please check the schedule regularily.

    MICRO RULES - double goal format applies

    A note about rescheduling Micro Games - these matches use Coach Referees and so a reschedule is very simple. Sometimes back to school nights or other activities will leave a team with no players, in this case, contact the other coach, agree to a reschedule day either mid-week (in place of a practice) or weekend and then simply notify HSC with the details. All re-scheduled games should be updated in the software. Coach Emails can be viewed on the schedule.

    Bonzi Team (Click here) - software to access player information

    Part of Bonzi, the registration software designed for coaches to see live their live roster and player contact information. Bonzi Team is initially activated by an Invite Code.

    The Basic setting allows COACHES ONLY to see contact information. If you'd like Bonzi Team to be activated for your entire team, please send an Email request to your Registrar. This activation for the entire team wll send an Invite code to all Email addresses associated with the Roster and can be used for Team communication.

    Please note teams will be able to see their game schedule live via the Bonzi team's calendar. Teams may also see Club wide events. Contact admin@hillsborosoccer.org for more information on this feature.

    Roster/Medical Release - find on your Bonzi Team account, Click ROSTER, click PRINT ROSTER & MEDICAL RELEASE (see example below)

    1. Roster - find on your Bonzi Team account, Click ROSTER, click PRINT ROSTER & MEDICAL RELEASE
    2. Medical Relase Forms and Parent Code of conduct - print option in Bonzi Team account. Click ROSTER, click PRINT ROSTER & MEDICAL RELEASE (conduct will be included)
    3. Concussion Sideline Management sheet - Keep in Coach Folder
    4. Parent/Player Concussion Awareness sheet - available for parents
    5. NSP Photo packet -- visit NSP website (CLICK HERE) - find ONLINE COACHES BOOKING and enter HSC for reservation code.

    1. I HAVE A COMMENT ABOUT A REFEREE - Please try to avoid referee feedback on the field, written referee feedback (good and bad), should be sent to the Home Team Referee Coordinator. Be sure to include your game date, time, team names and location. This helps us know what's going on out on the fields.
    2. I NEED TO MAKE A GAME SCHEDULE CHANGE - Making a change to the schedule can affect many teams, each team has many families linked to it. If you have a game day conflict, please try to find an assistant to cover your game. If there is no possibility of playing your game, contact the club representative (HSC = Michele Barber), in plenty of time to reschedule.
    3. HOW DO I KNOW IF A GAME HAS BEEN RAINED OUT? - Fields will be closed if they are dangerous to play on. That is, if a player is in danger of being injured as a result of soft or slick fields. Generally speaking, games are not rained out however, in the event o a closed field, an Email will be sent to the Head Coach and a notice will be on the Home Page of Hillsoboro Soccer Club website.