Recreation Soccer Overview

Recreation soccer is the entry level of soccer that Hillsboro Soccer Club offers. This level is available to players from age 5 (entering Kindergarten) through 14 (8th grade). Recreation soccer is intended for players just entering soccer or those who simply enjoy the game and do not wish to participate in the more competitive Select and Classic levels.


Fall Recreational open registration is May 15th - June 30th (July 15th for Micros) or until teams are full.

Spring Recreational open registration is January 1st - February 15th (March 15th for Micros) or until teams are full.

Formation of teams is dependent on Volunteer Coaches, and players are placed on a first come first serve basis. When a team is full, players will be placed on a wait list until a space becomes available or another volunteer coach is found.

In August of 2015, US Soccer announced the new Player Development Initiatives which will impact all levels of youth soccer nation wide (official press release). Many of the changes, Hillsboro Soccer Club has already implemented including small sided game training and the emphasis of not winning at all costs.

Beginning in Fall 2016, one significant change will be the manner by which Age Groups are defined. Birth-year registration calendars will now align with the start of the calendar year and run from January to December, rather than August to July as it had previously. All players will be registered according to their legal birthdate, however the Recreational Teams and Leagues will be formed according to grade.

For more information on the Player Development Initiatives, please click here.

The maximum a child may be allowed to "play up" is one year.

Team Formation

Teams are formed by placing registered players of the same gender and age level on teams using the following criteria:

  1. Date of completed registration and payment
  2. Request for a specific coach or player
  3. School attending or live near (in case of private or home school).

In the Fall, 2nd to 8th grade coaches receive their rosters by the end of July and will contact players the beginning of August. Micro teams start mid-August.

For Spring, coaches receive their rosters by mid-March and will contact players soon after.

Fall Season

Practices - Practice scheduls are set by the volunteer coaches and typically begin:

  1. Early August for League players (2nd - 8th grade) - usually 2x a week
  2. Late August for Micro players (Kinders and 1st) - 1x or 2x a week
  3. After HS tryouts for HS Co-ed Rec players - usually 2x a week

Games - The Fall season begins the first weekend after Labor day and runs until early November. See chart below. Although it is rare, there have been a few games canceled due to field conditions. Games may also be postponed or canceled due to lightning or hail. If cancellations are known in advance, then the club will place the information on the web site and hve the cancellation message on the KICK line (503-648-KICK). For Kinders, these will be posted by 4pm on Thursday. For 1st-8th grade, these will be posted by 8am on Saturday.

Age Group

Game Day

# of Fall Games



Kinders Thursday Evenings 8 3 v 3 no goalie None
1st grade Saturdays 8 3 v 3 no goalie None
2nd grade Saturdays 8 4x4 Limited
3rd & 4th grade Saturdays Jamboree + 8 7x7 League
5th & 6th grade Saturdays Jamboree + 8 9x9 League
7th/8th grade Saturdays Jamboree + 8 11x11 League

The 3rd to 8th grade teams will play in a Season Opener Jamboree consisting of 2 mini games. This fun filled, exciting day is meant to build team spirit and player friendships.

Spring Season

Practices - Spring practice begins mid to late March depending on field conditions. Practice schedules are set by the Volunteer Head Coach. Spring Kinder & 1st grade teams typically begin practice after Spring Break.

Games - the Spring season typically starts the 2nd week of April (2018 - April 7th)

Picture Days - Spring team pictures will be held on late April 25/26th 4:30 to 7:00 pm. Held at WL Henry Elementary school in the back field Each team will have a scheduled time and date. Coaches will choose the time and inform the team.

Age Group (Grade in School)

Game Day

# of SpringGames

Game dates for Spring Season



Kinder & 1st (Micro) Saturdays 7

usually Sat in April/May

3 v 3 no goalie HSD*
2nd 4x4 HSD*
3rd & 4th 7x7 HSD*
5th & 6th 9x9 Westside League
7/8th 11v11 Westside League
*HSD = Hillsboro School District field
**Westside League = HSD, Forest Grove, Beaverton

Fall & Spring Leagues - The Kinder & 1st grade teams play against other Hillsboro teams. Starting in 2nd grade, there may be some limited travel to nearby cities such as Banks or Beaverton. Third grade and above travel to other cities with in the leagues (approximately half of the games are home games and the other half are travel games). Recreational soccer teams typically participate in the Tualitin Valley Youth Soccer League in the Fall and the Westside Warriors League in the Spring. See the Leagues Overview for more details on the leagues.

Fall & Spring Player Time - The club's philosophy is to try to provide players with the opportunity to play equal time during the games. However, this may vary due to illness, injury, etc.

Fall & Spring Game Schedules - Fall schedules are due out at the end of August and will be available to all members online. Spring schedules are due out the end of March and will be available to all members online.


Soccer kit

A soccer kit is defined in LAW 4: "Players Equipment" as five separate items: shirt, shorts, socks, footwear, and shin guards. It is highly advisable to purchase a water bottle and an appropriate sized ball (see below) for the player and to mark the items so they can be returned if forgotten at practice.

For Kinder through 2nd grade, T-shirts and black socks will be included in the Registration Fee and handed out by coaches before the first game. The remainder of the equipment must be purchased for the player.

All 3rd grade and above players are responsible for purchasing their own soccer kit. The Adidas jersey is purchased from Tursi's Soccer Supply Store. This is a high quality jersey that can be re-used from year to year, for both Fall & Spring, and possibly passed on to other siblings. This enables parents to save money.

Any black shorts and socks that fully cover the shin guards may be used. The soccer cleats must be non-metallic and should not have a front toe cleat (some softball cleats have this feature) for the safety of all players.

HSC has a new uniform contract and a new look. Starting Fall 2015, we'll introduce a red jersey and black shorts. Each player will be responsible for providing their own uniform kit.


Uniforms may be bought at:
"Tursi Soccer Store"
8805 SW Canyon Lane
Portland, OR 97225.

Tursi's also offers discounts on cleats, shinguards and soccer balls,and offers a discount on retail purchases to Hillsboro Soccer Club members.

Micro & 2nd grade players registration fees include a t-shirt and black socks.

Ball Size - The ball size is in accordance with US Youth soccer rules as noted below. Kids play with a ball size appropriate to their foot size.

Kinder to 2nd grade: Size #3 - (23 - 24 in. 11 - 12 ozs.)

Third to Sixth grade: Size #4 - (25 - 26 in. 12 - 13 ozs.)

Middle School and older: Size #5 - (27 - 28 in. 14 - 16 ozs.)


Fall Base Fees - Player's registration fee covers equipment, field maintenance, referee pay (for levels with refrees), risk management, insurance, head coach licensing fee, field rentals, and club operational cost.

Age Group Registration Fee
Micro Soccer (Kinder and 1st grade) $85 ($110 after July 15th)
League Play (2nd to 8th grade) $110 ($135 after June 30th)
Team Formation is dependent on a Volunteer Coach. Registration for each Age Group will close when existing teams are full.

Spring Base Fee - Player's registration fee covers equipment, field maintenance, referee pay (for levels with refrees), risk management, insurance, head coach licensing fee, field rentals, and club operational cost.

Age Group Registration Fee
Micro Soccer (Kinder and 1st grade) $68
2nd to 6th grade $78
7th & 8th grade $88

Financial policy - Collection of the fees and refund policy is described in the financial policy document.

FINANCIAL AID: Applications will be reviewed and allocated as they are received. Once an application is approved: families will be contacted with approval status. This will be applied directly to your account and reflected on your member account balance as a refunded amount to your card.
If you wish to register your player AFTER being accepted: Please attach a registration form (REGISTRATION FORM HERE) with your FA application. Once approved, your player will be registered and you will be able to pay your remaining balance online or in the office. Please Note: All payments must be made to finalize your players registration.
Interested in applying for FA? please submit your application (English or Spanish) with required documentation to the HSC office as soon as possible. We will also accepted digital copies sent by email to Admin@hillsborosoccer.org. Please include registration form if wishing to pay after acceptance.
VOLUNTEER BUYOUT: We are working hard to continue our missions to support the Hillsboro Community and keep the game affordable for all. Hillsboro Soccer Club has a goal of teaching soccer, empowering players to develop life skills and a love of the game. We ask for volunteers to help us with this goal. This commitment can vary to fit your families abilities and availability. Options can include: Coaching or assisting a team, painting a local field for a portion of a season, helping pass out team gear, field day participation, and other opportunities.
If you do not wish to commit to volunteering: There is a $25 buyout option that will be presented during registration. These funds go directly into our scholarship fund! This buyout option can also include a tax donation receipt: Please email admin@hillsborosoccer.org with your registered player name and confirm the address you wish the receipt to be sent. Thank you!

Equipment - Players are required purchase their equipment as described in Equipment above. Extra items can be ordered for an additional expense.


Hillsboro Soccer Club is a volunteer operated organization with a goal of teaching soccer, empowering players to develop life skills, and a love of the game.

AND YOU CAN HELP…….Sign up to Coach a Team; help with Field Maintenance; help with Registration….there are many one time or on-going positions to volunteer for. Contact HSC Admin for more information - admin@hillsborosoccer.org

Coach Registration

The first step to be a coach is to register your intentions. Coaches must register in two different systems. Registering with the Hillsboro Soccer Club identifies your interest in coaching. Additionally, all volunteers who coach or help out with teams in an OYSA sanctioned League are required to complete a Background Check via the Sports Affinity Software each seasonal year. Sports affinity is an Online Data Management used by OYSA for Risk Management (background checks and liability insurance).

Step 1 - Club Registration

Step 2 - Background Check

SPRING 2017 - coming soon
Register with Sports Affinity

Team Assignment

Teams are created late July for Fall and mid March for Spring. There is a coach meeting to meet the board, discuss club policies, hand out team rosters, provide equipment, assign practice fields, and set expectations.


The Forms Library has all the forms that are required for the season.

Coach Clinics

Free clinics are sponsored by the club and available to all coaches and cover a variety of topics such as small-sided games, goalie tips, injury prevention, and so on. The clinics are often geared to particular age levels and range from topics useful to Beginners through Experienced coaches. HSC Rec Coaches who attend a Coach Clinic will qualify for their player's regsitration fee reimbursement after the season is complete.

Attend a clinic today (Spring clinic schedule coming soon) - they're free, they're informative and they're mostly instructed by HSC Directors and Competitive Coaches.