Our mission is to provide the players of our community from all levels of play, who have a desire to enjoy the game and develop their skill set, an opportunity to be coached effectively, within a safe and enjoyable environment.

The Competitive program is created to offer a framework where committed players can work with certified/licensed coaches, to further develop not only on-field attributes but to create the whole player. We emphasize work ethic, confidence, sportsmanship and creativity within the game environment.


As we look forward to the 2020/21 Season, we are inviting players who wish to join mid-season into sessions within our Competitive Program.

We will then hold Try Outs in May 2021 for the 2021/22 season. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the links below.


Team Selection Process

Players are placed in age group pools and evaluated over the Try Out windows in May. If selected for a Competitive team, the parents will be notified within 24 hours of the last session. We have multiple teams at every age group, and so we endeavor to find an appropriate level for every player.


To provide a competitive environment for our community with licensed/certified coaches who's sole focus is to further develop every player within the team, with an emphasis on development over results.

Who Should Join

Players who are born between 2010-2003

Players who have a tactical, technical and social understanding of the sport. Those who are genuinely driven to improve through their love for the game itself.

For families who are committed to joining an 11 month program. We understand that multi sport athletes may enjoy other sports, and through positive communication this can be accommodated.




2020/21 Age Groups

U11 - 2010

U12 - 2009

U13 - 2008

U14 - 2007

U15 - 2006

U16 - 2005

U17 - 2004

U18 - 2003

Roster Sizes

U11-12 - 13-15 Players

U13-U18 - 16-18 Players

Our Competitive Program is for players aged U11-19 who are looking for a competitive soccer experience within our community. Training is 2-3 times per week, lead by a certified/licensed coach with the main emphasis on development over results. We form teams based on ability, so that they can compete in local and regional events.

There is a yearly membership fee for the Competitive Program, which covers the cost of your Fall and Spring League (U11-14) or Winter League (U15-19) registration fee, a Cup tournament (State, President's or Founder's Cup) and your training costs.

If a team chooses to enter additional tournaments throughout the year the cost for these events will be split up between the team. These events are generally in the $55 per player range for a registration fee, plus any travel expenses.

Team Formation

Teams will be formed after an evaluation period during Try Outs. This does not mean that rosters will be set for the entire year, as players will develop at different rates and based on the needs of the player, he/she may be moved.

After the rosters are formed, teams will use TeamSnap as their communication platform. This will give you full access to the training schedule, communication with coaching staff, availability and HealthCheck throughout the season.

Team Manager

For those amazing individuals who wish to be involved with the team in a more formal capacity, we offer the Team Manager role. This is pivotal for the team's success, and your role will include assisting with team communications, assistance with player cards and rosters, and collecting player documentation. Training will be provided.


All tournaments including State, Presidents and Founders Cup, along with Summer Events must be approved by the Director of your Program. This is to ensure that all events outside of training and league play are developmentally appropriate for the players.

If a team is approved to play in a tournament, there will be tournament fees split between the team (tournament registration, travel, food, etc.). We recommend that all teams complete fundraising as an option to cover these additional costs.


Annual Membership Fees for Competitive Players

Payment Plans and Financial Assistance is available for all of our Competitive Players. Applications must be completed through our Google Forms listed below, available in English and Spanish.

Listed fees do not include team uniforms or tournament fees or expenses.

U11-U14 PLAYERS - $1,390.00

U15-U18 PLAYERS - $1,270.00


Hillsboro Soccer Club's professional coaching staff are the pioneers of our Club Culture, and the individuals on the front line of the development of your player.

We strive to surround our club members with the best possible coaching staff, who emphasis the long term development of players over the win-at-all-cost mentality. Each of our coaching staff are committed to providing a professional environment for all of our players to grow, and that all club events be as positive as possible.

All of our paid coaching staff complete background checks, SafeSport certification, Concussion training are evaluated regularly.

UNIFORMS 2019/20

Going into the 2020/21 season, Hillsboro Soccer Club is embracing a new look to our uniforms. With the current climate, we know that everyone has been affected financially, and our new kits are more economically aware than ever.

All of our competitive programs will now wear the same uniforms to create a clear sense of unity and pathway for the players. To make things easier for our membership, we have placed all of our uniforms for purchase through our trusted partner - Tursi's Soccer. You can purchase your uniforms online through their website, and collect in store.

Required Uniform Items

White Home Jersey - $33.00

Black Away Jersey - $40.00

Gray Training Jersey - $18.00

Black Shorts - $23.00

White Home Socks - $10.20

Black Away Socks - $10.20

Optional Extras

HSC Backpack - $50.00

Jacket - $58.00

Pants - $38.00


Now more than ever, we are devoted to ensuring that no player goes without playing because of finances. In an effort to continue our transparency with all of our members, we have created the graphic to the right, to highlight where your registration fees go.

From overhead fees, coach pay, education, equipment and fields, you can see the full breakdown to the right.

As you can see, every dollar counts, and during these unprecedented times, if you feel that you can help another member of our community play by sponsoring a player, we have ways in which you can do so.