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SPAIN 2020

This past year, HSC took almost 40 Players to Europe to partake in an incredible experience at the GPS Spain La Petxina academy.This coming Spring, we are aiming to take a similar group with us, with the aim of showcasing their talents abroad, while experiencing high level coaching, a new culture and a wonderful way to team bond.

Available to all Players from 2001-2010

Included in the Packages of 7 or 14 Nights ;

  • Accommodation & Meals provided at the highly acclaimed La Petxina Sports Complex
  • UEFA PRO Licensed Coaches
  • Adidas Kit Package
  • Daily Training Sessions
  • Training Session at Valencia CF
  • Mini Tournament
  • Friendly Games against local clubs or academies
  • Day trip to Madrid - including a tour of Santiago Bernabeu (Home of Real Madrid)
  • La Liga Game admission for Valencia CF
  • Cultural Sight Seeing throughout Valencia - including a tour of Mestalla (Home of Valencia CF)

Open to all levels of play

Register by April 1st, and receive a $100 discount off the package price.

Returning Player? A further $100 off your price! 

PRICE : $1,195 for 7 Nights / $1,995 for 14 Nights

Over the past 19 years our league has been quietly growing. Today the league I founded in 1999 includes over 600 youth on 27 teams spread over the three Counties of the Oregon highest population density. We are guided by a five-member Board of Director and supported by strong network of local Schools Districts, Parks and Recreations, teachers, and parents.

The Multicultural League has been very successful in involving a diverse group of students and their families from across the greater Portland area. The organization of the coaching standards and expectations, rules of play, game times and locations and the team recognitions at the end of the tournament have been carried out in a thoughtful and consistent manner. For a group made up entirely of so-called “minority” students (Latino, Asian, and Eastern European) an opportunity like this goes a long way in developing a sense of worth and pride in accomplishments earned through hard work.

This is an opportunity not provided elsewhere for these student athletes. Down to the time of the year chosen, it fills a need for the ongoing positive engagement of Portland multicultural youth.

Oscar Monteblanco

Director of Coaches for Hillsboro Soccer Club

MultiCultural League


HSC Academy


In an effort to constantly look to improve our programs and the subsequent learning environment for our players, we realized that there is a gap between programs within our own Player Pathway.

To ensure that we are not doing a disservice to our players, we have created a brand new program called the HSC Academy. This program will be headed by our Recreational Co-ordinator Mason Aguirre, and our Assistant Director of Coaching Michael Wall. Along with quality and experienced coaches from our competitive program, we are looking to create a bridge for players to continue their growth.

Train on turf, with licensed coaches and a player centered environment, to allow our players to reach their true potential.

Youth soccer camps are perfect for introducing fun and creativity to your young player.  Hillsboro Soccer Club emphasizes development as well as growing a love for the game.  Much of the focus of the camp is on playing small-sided games where there is an integrated learning process focused on Game Intelligence, Perception, and Technical Skill. Above all, the environment created at HSC Camps, promotes physical exercise, fun and the love of sport.

Throughout the camp, your child will receive specialized attention and training from one of our Hillsboro Soccer Club Staff members.

Summer Camps take place at Griffin Oaks Park.


Summer Camps


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