This year will look a little different for the Fall Recreational League. In Washington County, we are still in Phase 1 and therefore competition and games are not permitted under the regulations of our local and state authorities.

To ensure that the players return in the safest possible way, while enjoying the game that we all love, we have created a series of Camp Sessions over a 7 week program. 

You can find more details below.


Recreation soccer is the entry level of soccer that Hillsboro Soccer Club offers. This level is available to players from age 5 (entering Kindergarten) through 14 (8th grade).

Recreation soccer is intended for players just entering soccer or those who simply enjoy the game and do not wish to participate in the more competitive Player Development and Junior levels.

Play in a HSC uniform, experience real life game time, coaching sessions twice weekly and most importantly - a LOT of fun!


The Fall Rec Camps will run on the following dates ;


19th, 23rd, 26th and 30th


3rd, 7th, 10th, 14th, 17th, 21st, 24th, 28th and 31st



We will primarily be located at the Hillsboro Stadium on the Ron Tonkin field, from 5pm to 9pm.

Practice sessions are 1 hour long during the 7 week program.


Fall Base Fees - Player's registration fee covers equipment, field maintenance,  risk management, insurance, head coach licensing fee, field rentals, and club operational cost.

Micro - Kinder/1st & 2nd Grade - $75.00

3rd/8th Grade - $75.00

** This is a reduced cost as an alternative to the usual TVYSL League that we host every Fall and Spring. There are no volunteer fees added to the base price.


Now more than ever, we are devoted to ensuring that no player goes without playing because of finances. In an effort to continue our transparency with all of our members, we have created the graphic to the right, to highlight where your registration fees go.

From overhead fees, coach incentives, education, equipment and fields, you can see the full breakdown to the right.

As you can see, every dollar counts, and during these unprecedented times, if you feel that you can help another member of our community play by sponsoring a player, we have ways in which you can do so.


Recreational FAQ's

Recreational Registration

Recreational Field & Overview

Practice sessions are 1 hour long where players will work through a structured 7-week program that focuses on the physical and technical side of the game through a social distancing curriculum instructed by Head Volunteer coaches. 

These sessions will focus on a range of topics that include dribbling, passing and shooting. 

The rostering of the players and teams have begun and we are still accommodating player friend and coach requests. The Pod size will not exceed 10 players.


Due to the Field Restrictions in place by our Local and State authorities, players must be dropped off in one location, and then collected in another.

We will be utilizing the main entrance as the Drop Off location, and the Collection Point will be to the South of the Field.

Parents are not permitted to enter the facility unless for an Emergency. Therefore we ask parents to sit and watch from the outside of the facility in the marked area on the map. Please ensure that you are wearing a mask and are maintaining your social distancing.

We have filled our 400 registration spots. Please contact our Recreational Coordinator Mason Aguirre via in regards to open placements at specific age groups.

Recreational Uniform


We are recommending that you wear a Red athletic jersey or shirt


You may wear any color shorts


We recommend Athletic Socks with shin guards underneath the socks

Due to this Camp not including competition against other clubs, there is no mandatory uniform. We are recommending the items above, in addition to ;

Firm Ground Turf or Cleats        *No metal cleats*

Bring a soccer ball with you in the following sizes

Kinder - 2nd Grade uses a Size 3 Ball

3rd - 6th Grade uses a Size 4 Ball

7th and 8th Grade uses a Size 5 Ball


Players are not required to wear a face mask, but are more than welcome to do so. Coaches will be required to wear a face mask during sessions.

Registration Fee Details

Players who have registered for the Fall Recreational Season will not be required to re-register for the Fall Recreational Camps. The registration will be transferred automatically to the Fall Recreational Camps, and any price difference will be credited back to families that have already paid. 

This is processed through TeamSnap and will take up to 20 business days to return to your account. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Please be sure to view your TeamSnap account from a Web Browser (the mobile app will not display the registrations) to see those issued credits. 


HSC Academy - Taking the Next Step

In an effort to constantly look to improve our programs and the subsequent learning environment for our players, we realized that there is a gap between programs within our own Player Pathway.

To ensure that we are not doing a disservice to our players, we have created a brand new program called the HSC Academy. This program will be headed by our Recreational Co-ordinator Mason Aguirre, and our Assistant Director of Coaching Michael Wall. Along with quality and experienced coaches from our competitive program, we are looking to create a bridge for players to continue their growth.

Train on turf, with licensed coaches and a player centered environment, to allow our players to reach their true potential.

Registration for this event is built into the Rec Camp Registration

Volunteering With Us

Hillsboro Soccer Club is built upon the foundation of our community, with our organization operated entirely by volunteers. We have a passion for teaching soccer, empowering players to develop life skills, and of course, a love of the game.

You can help by signing up to Coach a Team and manage a Pod of players for the 7-week program. You are then given the incentive of an in-house education through the club, the opportunity to work with your son or daughter within the pod of players. You will also have your program fee reimbursed at the end of the season after the gear has been collected and returned.

The first step to be a coach is to register your intentions. Coaches must register with two different systems.

Registering with the HSC identifies your interest in coaching, while you are also required to complete a Background Check via the Sports Affinity Software each seasonal year. Sports Affinity is an Online Data Management used by OYSA for Risk Management.

Coaches are required to wear face masks when working with the players. Head volunteer coaches are given a social distancing curriculum that enforces social distancing requirements to players while offering the benefits of a typical soccer exercise. 

Players are required to wear a mask when going to and from the field, however they are not required to wear a mask during the practice, as social distancing will be actioned with every exercise. Should the players feel more comfortable wearing a mask they are more than welcome to do so. 

Coaching With Us

Are you interested in becoming, or continuing as a volunteer coach for Hillsboro Soccer Club?

Coaching Clinics

Free clinics are sponsored by the club and available to all coaches and cover a variety of topics such as small-sided games, goalie tips, injury prevention, and so on.

The clinics are often geared to particular age levels and range from topics useful to Beginners through Experienced coaches. HSC Recreational Coaches who attend a Coach Clinic will qualify for their player's registration fee reimbursement after the season is complete.

Attend a clinic today (Spring clinic schedule coming soon) - they're free, they're informative and they're mostly instructed by HSC Directors and Competitive Coaches.

More Volunteer Opportunities

Equipment Help

This may include ; counting out bibs, cones and soccer balls for spring teams. Helping set up, kit down for the Recreational Spring meeting, handing out equipment. At the end of the season, aiding in the collection and inventory of Spring Coaches.

Field Help

This may include ; grass fields are measured and lined at the beginning of the season, help us paint lines and prep fields. This then needs to be maintained throughout the season, including line work, hole filling and moving goals.


Work with the HSC Admin staff to aid in creating, promoting and running fundraising events for our Recreational Program.

Office Help

This may include ; working with computers, answering phone calls, working with other HSC families, registrations and more.

Team Reporter

This may include ; taking photos and reports from your spring season, so that HSC may share images of your players and their experiences with the rest of the HSC membership and community.

Becoming A Referee


Encouraging your child, or even yourself, to become a referee for the Recreational Soccer Program is a wonderful way to introduce yourself into the world of soccer refereeing.

For a 13+ year old, it is a great way to acquire responsibility, furthering their development as a young adult, and of course, an opportunity to earn money in a positive environment.


You can sign up to become a referee by clicking here.

You will be directed to Oregon Referee Committee, where you will be able to find the upcoming classes and their respective costs.

Once you are certified, you will be able to sign up for games that are requiring referees and begin your journey.

What Can I Earn?

2nd Grade (U8) $20
3rd/4th Grade (U9/10) $25
5th/6th Grade (U11/12) $30
7th/8th (U13/14) $35
Assistant Referee $20

Useful Information

Recreational Rules

Financial Aid Forms

COVID19 Information

Continue on the Pathway

Recreational Soccer is the first step on our Player Pathway, and for some it is all that they need in their soccer experience. For those who want a little more ; whether that is competition, licensed coaches or league play, you can take the next step on our Player Pathway and join our Competitive Programs.