Volunteering with HSC

The links below are designed to help guide you through the requirements of coaching at Hillsboro Soccer Club. As we follow both Federal and State regulations, we want to ensure that we provide you with the very best tools, education and opportunities, to better provide the absolute experience to those that we welcome to our club.

We thank you for your continued efforts to make Hillsboro Soccer Club the premier destination for young people within our community, and encourage you to further yourself, to aid our program growth with every passing year. Soccer is more than a sport, and young people that partake in our environment should feel welcome and safe.

The links below are the foundational blocks of ensuring that our staff, volunteers and board members have the necessary tools to provide that experience.

It is required that All Volunteer Coaches complete all of the steps below.

First Step

SafeSport training can be accessed via the logo link.

Promote a national sport culture based on respect.

Mandatory for all volunteer members, staff, admin, team managers and board members is the SafeSport training. 

Please click the image for the link. You will need to assign to US Soccer, and enter the access code that has been provided. Should you need the code again, please contact Mason@hillsborosoccer.org

Please then email your certificate of completion to Mason@hillsborosoccer.org

Second Step

Our standard Background Check is processed via OYSA through the Affinity Software.

If you have volunteered with us previously, this will look very familiar.

This, in conjunction with the SafeSport training must be completed before the season begins.

Third Step

Concussion Awareness training through the CDC.

Concussion is a sudden-onset, transient alteration of consciousness due to a combination of functional and structural brain disturbances following a physical impact transmitted to the brain. It is a common, although likely underreported, condition encountered in a wide range of sports.

It is imperative that our staff know the signs and symptoms to ensure that all of our players are treated with the upmost level of care.

Please read through the document by clicking on the image, and ensure that you understand all of the points.

Fourth Step - Coaching Education

To give our players the best experience, and for our coaches to feel the most confident, we want to invest in you!

This means that every time that you take a USA Coaching Education course, such as the GrassRoots Coaching Course that is available on the DCC to the left, you will be reimbursed upon completion. This will simply add to the tools that are already in your toolkit, to provide your players with a positive learning experience.

You can also sign up to shadow a competitive coach for training sessions, to help build your experience.

Rules of the League

For the rules of the HSC Recreational League, please use the button to the right of this text box.


It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur, an expert or a die-hard fan, or just curious. If you referee, play, coach or watch football – you have to know the Laws of the Game.

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